Welcome All Anglers,

           I would like to invite you for a fishing holiday in the town of Nordvagen (house no. 27), in the northern Norway. My angling adventure in Norway started 10 years ago and I can assure you that fishing in the North of Norway is just the greatest experience. It’s simple, we have the biggest fish; halibut, rock salmon, brosma, haddock, ling, monkfish, saithe, cod and many other kinds. The base is located in one of the biggest fjords in the North. This location gives you the possibility of fishing in the sea as well as in the fjord, in any weather conditions.
    Our house consists of:
  • four rooms:
    • "Room No. 1"    -    5-person
    • "Room No.2"    -    6-person
    • "Room No.3"    -    4-person
    • "Room No.4"    -    4-person
  • three bathrooms
  • kitchenette connected with the living area equipped with entertaining facilities
  • room with a refrigerator and freezer
  • cold store for fish
           In your free time you have the possibility of visiting local towns and the famous cape Nordkapp on the island of Mageroya (the farthest northern point you can reach by car/bus in Europe) as well as the Museum of the North Cape and the Gallery - East of the Sun.

           We have four, six and eight person boats, all fitted with 40, 90 and 115 horse pwer Yamaha engines. Our boats are proved in all sea conditions and produced by the Bayliner Company. We also provide a Seasport catamaran and SOPOTEK. In terms of size, speed and comfort they are both excellent and unchallenged. All boats are equipped with sonar depth finders and GPS devices.

I invite all anglers for a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

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